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Hi There! I'm Carolina, the girl behind this website. Whether you have visited my Wynwood or Aventura boutiques, or you regularly shop at my online store, you have access to my personal styling advice. I'm committed to help you create a perfect look.

Shopping for a special occasion? need help with fit issues? or, want to build a complete wardrobe from the bottom up? I will get to know your preferences and give you first access to the latest trends and key pieces, and the service is completely free! 

Text me at 9547788665 or email me at for your appointment! 

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Blog posts

Why I Picked These 5 Pieces At My Store

Please Don’t Tell is full of one of a kind pieces which to the fashionista are a second skin. Since fashion is a form of expression, there are a lot of times when I’m questioned about the pieces I choose or how I choose them. There’s no process, just a form of instinct that simply [...]

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Sustainability Wednesday: 5 Products That Help You Use Less

If you read me, you know I had a big change recently regarding the environment. It has always been in me, but for some reason I was sucked in into a different person than my true self. I had become very consumerist, and mindless in a way. They say that your true self always shines [...]

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Why I Keep My Jewelry Displayed Like A Store

Why I Keep My Jewelry Displayed Like A Store One of the things that people love the most about Please Don’t Tell it’s all the different displays, I’m always told our store feels inspiring. I love to see how people spend time looking and hunting for pieces that truly mean something to them. Seeing how people react to my displays, has inspired me to [...]

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