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Postcards From India

I never imagined I would end up producing clothes in India. I thought probably Colombia, being that I’m from there, and at some point I even thought China was a good idea… I related India (ignorantly, I must add) to Bangladesh, and Bangladesh to a non-ethical label. Sometimes when I mention that my brand is ethically made in India, people do a double take, as if for some automatic reason making clothes ethically there is impossible. I want to change that. India has a very big tradition of textile production and manufacturing, and by assuming that there’s only cheap labor there we are removing the human factor. People who need jobs and have talent!

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Back To My Creative Self

A year ago I was sitting on my most successful pop up yet at Aventura Mall, in a state of constant anxiety. I was eating Belgian waffles for breakfast every morning, skipping lunch, snacking mindlessly, not exercising, constantly glued to my phone fixing problems, angry, and not enjoying the most important thing in life: my family. It got to a point that I got sick a couple of times, constocondritis, and developed celiac, and was having recurrent panic attacks. In the mist of this, I decided I wanted to design again

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