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Repeat After Me: I'm FREE

Bohemian look lace dress with floppy wool hat
How fashion is changing ~ The truth is that fashion changed when the internet started to become our source of inspiration, in a way we are so over-exposed to images that it can be very hard to find our personal style. One of my most recurrent questions is how do I find my personal style, how do I become a style unicorn?
moon river bohemian lace spaghetti dress with brown botties and floppy wool hat
The best answer is to simply be you, and believe it or not, that can be really hard in a world were images of perfection are constantly planted on our minds. I tell my customers to be truthful to their own bodies first, to ignore trends that perhaps you don't like, and to always get what you truly love and gives you joy!
bohemian look moon river ivory lace dress easy summer dress shift
Personal style definitely can be defined when women are free! Free to choose whatever clothes makes them feel like the best version of themselves! Style is that extra step that we decide to take every morning to make life more pretty, but at the same time makes us feel not only comfortable but also absolutely gorgeous! Lets toasts to outfits that are not only produced ethically but also that makes us feel unique, beautiful and confident!
#girlpower forever!

Your Valentine's Day Outfit!

Roe + Mae Floral Periwinkle Sexy Romper For Valentine's Day Perfect Outfit

roe and mae lilac periwinkle floral romper jumpsuit

Valentine's Day outfit Periwinkle romper by upcoming made in LA designer ROE AND MAE Floral

roe and mae periwinkle Romper

One of the most common request we receive from our PDT girls for "date nights" is a look that it's cute but at the same time sexy. In other words, they want to look sexy, but not sultry or desperate, and they want to look cute, but they don't want to look too prudish or childish. 

I usually suggest a sexy silhouette with a delicate print, or vice versa. The PDT best-seller for Valentine's day has been our Roe + Mae romper. The light periwinkle (that's fancy for purple) with floral details looks sexy with a deep v-neck, flowy fabric and the perfect mini ladder details. The deep v-neck cuts against the flutter sleeves, and creates the perfect balance between sexy and cute. 

Now, you can either go feminine for a daytime or summery date with suede platform peep toe heels, like the ones shown in our styling, or you can go even sexier with dark leather booties and a leather jacket. Add lots of layering with necklaces and you are good to go! 

Something else I love about this outfit? Completely effortless... A one pit stop to a more fashionable style. 





Our Galentine's Day Free Styling Party!

It’s almost time for our favorite unofficial holiday of the year - Galentine’s Day! This February we want to show the girlfriends in our lives some love, so we decided to throw a Valentine’s Day celebration just for our gal pals, aka Galentine’s Day! Enjoy sips and sweets while you catch up with one another.

- Free styling presentation by Rouge & The Girl!

- Goodie bags (Filled with actually good items!)

- Free Drinks & Bites

- 15% off on all the store!

Must have tickets to enter click HERE to get your free ticket!


February 13th 2017

6:00PM-9:00PM (Styling starts at 7:00pm sharp)

50 NW 24th St Inside Wynwood Arcade (Next to Bonobos)

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