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Fall In Love, Or Not
JOA Striped Dress
Striped JOA dress Valentines
striped blue joa
joa striped dress
joa striped dress valentines day
Model: Jennifer Shyu, Photos by Simply Lively
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So blah blah blah, Valentine's day is coming... with its kitschy colors, cheap chocolate boxes and ugly teddy bears. I still remember when I was a teenager and my first boyfriend gave me an ugly fake velvet flower (it lit up). I'm traumatized to this day! But if you are like me, and are tired of nasty pharmacy candy and plastic flowers read below my recommendations:
1. Chocolate: Vosgues Chocolates, Let me put it this way, Godiva is no match to these amazing chocolates.
2. Champagne: I'm a sucker for veuve clicquot
3. Gifts for Him: For some strange reason men love I promise that if you buy him something there he will LOVE. Also, think basic: replacing an item that they use a lot, like a travel case or work suitcase is always a great idea! Lauren Conrad has a great guide
4. Gifts for girl friends: I mean, we basically created the perfect kits starting at $12 to gift your friends, child teacher, teens BFF's and even your co-workers! Click here to see them all
vALENTINE'S DAY gifts under $20
5. Shop something nice for yourself, you deserve it more than anyone! Use the code: LOVEISCOMING for an extra discount at our store!
Remember that even the most kitschy holiday is a great excuse to throw a party and create memories, no shopping necessary! here are some cute entertaining ideas:
Cotton Candy Champagne: Via Lauren Conrad
Decor Inspo: Via Pretty My Party