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Featured Artist / Model: Raquel Sofia
I have been working on this amazing interview with a team of inspiring women, and I'm so happy to finally share it with you! Raquel Sofia is a Latin musician and artist who I must confess, I have a girl crush on! Not only is she super talented (Latin grammy nominee) her style is freaking amazing! We got together on a rainy Miami day to shoot our brand new The Laundry Room T-Shirts and talk about the music business, fashion, yoga, and our #realwomen campaign. Take a look at this super inspiring girl:
but first yoga the laundry room TLROOM t-shirt
PDT: Tell us a bit about yourself
RS: I'm a singer songwriter from Mayagüez, Puerto Rico and last year I released my first album "Te Quiero Los Domingos". My songs are about love and heartbreak and they're based on personal experiences. I have a bachelors degree in jazz from the University of Miami and I worked as a back up singer before releasing my own music. 
PDT: What is it like to be nominated to a Latin Grammy!?
RS: It was a dream come true. I'm so honored to have been nominated alongside other amazing artists and to have been a part of the award ceremony. 
the laundry room but first yoga t shirt tlroom raquel sofia artista
First yoga t shirt luxury t shirts wildfox couture the new wildfox
Raquel Sofia Wears our "FIRST YOGA TEE" and "Pencil Midi Skirt" Both in size small.
PDT: So far, when did you realize you were on the right track?
RS: I had tried writing music and singing many different styles before, but a few years ago I decided to go back to my roots and write music in Spanish. I decided to write about my experiences and use a voice that was more honest and simple. As soon as I found this new sound that was true to myself, things started happening and moving quickly and all of a sudden I was signed to a label. That's when I knew I was on the right track.  
Breathe The Laundry Room TShirt Black
breathe t shirt the laundry room
PDT: Some advice to women entrepreneurs?
RS: Women entrepreneurs often have to learn how to function in a male dominated work environment. I definitely had to. It is important to be confident and well spoken, to be one of the guys but at the same time own your femininity. A lot of people doubt women, so you have to work twice as hard, but that only makes you twice as good.  
breathe t shirt
Raquel Sofia wears "Breathe" T-shirt. 
PDT: You have a really unique style, how do you manage to be so authentic with so much pressure from the industry?
RS: Thanks! There is a lot of pressure in the industry but I honestly think that the only way to survive is to be yourself and to be comfortable in your own skin. It's hard, because there are so many stereotypes of what a "Latin woman" should be. One of my main goals is to break those stereotypes.
PDT: When you are not creating music you are...
RS: Doing yoga or hanging out with my dogs.
PDT: Where can we buy your music?
RS: My first album "Te Quiero Los Domingos" is available on I-Tunes, Spotify and Amazon.  
Pizza T Shirt Pizza face the laundry room t shirt
Raquel Sofia Wears our Pizza Face T-Shirt, Custom Made Feathered Skirt
PDT: Any advice for musicians?
RS: My advice for musicians is to never stop. It is a hard industry, but if you keep going you will eventually find your place. 
Pizza The Launry Room t shirt tlroom pizza face
pizza face the laundry room t shirt
A lil pizza never killed no body raquel sofia
a lil pizza never killed nobody raquel sofia interview
PDT: What kind of Yoga do you practice?
RS: I'm really into vinyasa and power yoga. Yoga is an incredible workout for your body and an opportunity to spend some time with yourself without any distractions. It has had a very positive effect on my life. 
PDT: What is your favorite PDt piece?
RS: I'm obsessed with the golden sequin pants I wore to my show in Miami. I also love the "But First Yoga" tee
PDT: You are familiar with our #realwomen campaign, tell me how through these pictures you want to inspire other women who are facing insecurities, and how you felt empowered by these clothes.
RS: I think the #realwomen campaign is about loving yourself. I felt beautiful and comfortable in all of the clothes because they were a reflection of my personality. At the end of the day we don't need to be perfect, perfect is boring! We need to be ourselves. 
Hope you loved these amazing photos! as I said, we worked with an amazing team:
Styling: Carolina Benoit + Daniella Garcia