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5 Reasons Why You Should Own A Luxury T-Shirt
When faced with the option of purchasing a T-shirt most people rather spend no more than $20 thinking it's simply not worth it. I want to change that! Read below 5 reasons why your t-shirts should only be luxury ones!
1. Ethically made. Period: 
This should be the number one reason you shop for luxury tees. Jerseys, and most knits, are very easy to make. The design is simple, the fabric is very easy to manage on a sewing machine and it literally takes seconds to sew. T-shirts are one of the cheapest items for us to buy because they are also the cheapest to produce! Most t-shirts that cost under $20 are either made in huge quantities overseas with little to no regulation, big fabric waste and in some cases by laborers who are not being paid fairly (or children). Look for American made brands like Wildfox or The Laundry Room, or ethically made tees produced overseas by smaller companies that cost over $30, like VAO VAO
Vao Vao Stay Strong Black Muscle T-Shirt
Vao Vao Tee
2. Better fabrics change the game: 
Better fabrics, like modal, terry or organic cottons take the design and fit to a whole new level. I specially love the unique and special prints and fabrics by The Laundry Room and Wildfox. But if terry t-shirts are not your thing, look out for organic cottons. The industrialized cotton industry has high rates of suicide in India and cancers  in farmers inside the US. Shopping for organic cotton not only helps smaller farmers, it's also better for our body. I personally don't let my baby wear anything that is not made from organic cotton, and specially love these ethically made onesies by Sophia Schneider-esleben
Will work for coffee the laundry room t-sihrt
The Laundry Room Will Work For Coffe Tee (Specialty knit fabric)
3. Better Design:
Fast fashion companies knock off designs within minutes of hitting the shelves sometimes bluntly stealing work from fashion designers. Buying from cheaper companies like Forever 21or H&M has a strong impact in the fashion industry: those companies force the industry to work faster leaving no time for the incubation of ideas. By shopping for luxury tees you are not only paying for a simple t-shirt, you are breeding creativity from design to photos, lots of people are getting paid by you! Just look at Wildfox, Alexander Wang and California Company, their designs are not only more exclusive, they're also much more unique.
but first yoga the laundry room t-shirt
But First Yoga Tee
4. T-Shirts are everyday pieces:
I always treat the pieces I buy as an investment instead of disposable clothing. When I buy a luxury t-shirt I know I will be using it for years. For example a TLROOM t-shirt costs $64.00 but since I will be using it many times over a long period, the cost of wearing that t-shirt is about $0.00 while a t-shirt you buy at Forever might last much less, and will bring the cost up to $5-$3 per wear.
america is for lovers the laundry room t shirt
America is for lovers, not yet available on the site shop by email: pleasedonttell(at)
5. A more fashionable closet:
Fashion lovers know where to spend their money and most agree that basics should be the most expensive pieces in your wardrobe. These pieces should be affordable enough for you not to go broke, but expensive enough that they hurt a little to buy. Not only you will value more your luxury pieces you will also be able to mix them up with more trendy stuff. Although t-shirts could fall into a different category of items you would consider buying at cheaper prices, they should be considered a basic since they are garments we tend to wear almost everyday.

please don't tell bachelorette tee

Please don't tell Muscle Tee
I hope this changed your mind and that your next fashionable purchase is a luxury tee!