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My Week At Carbon Wynwood: DAY ONE
Carolina Benoit and Daniella Garcia At Panther Coffee
carolina bewnoit and daniella garcia
Carolina Benoit Browsing Wynwood
wynwood coloring book carolina benoit please don't tell blog
Carolina Benoit Please Don't Tell wynwood
Carolina Benoit and Daniella Garcia browsing wynwood
editorial meeting with daniella garcia and carolina benoit please don't tell shop
carolina benoit walking wynwood
carolina benoit and daniella garcia walking wynwood browsing for inspo
daniella and carolina benoit walking wynwood
The best secret hiding in Wynwood is Carbon, a gorgeous workspace perfect for designers, creatives and musicians. I was lucky enough to experience a full week at their workspace with my very first pop-up shop. The week started a bit relaxed. The big event was on Thursday, so we had Monday to talk about the experience, browse inspiration for new events and designers and have our big editorial meetings which we do every monday. 
First thing in the morning we headed to Panther Coffee, which is literally a block away from Carbon. Then we headed to walk the streets of Wynwood, find inspiration and designers and finally we sat by a little café to chat about the editorial plans and general ideas we had for the upcoming week. Walking back and forth from the office to these places is one of my favorite things about working in Wynwood, it offers the possibility to work and play, which is great for creatives, I also love the proximity to great restaurants, shops and cafés, which makes the space ideal to meet other entrepreneurs who are also starting their own businesses. 
Stay tuned for day 2 at Carbon!