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5 Ways To Style A Vegan Leather Jacket
Leather jacket illustration
Leather jackets have earned their "must-have" status in our fashion minds. There are endless possibilities when you own a leather jacket (make it vegan if you love both the planet and our little fury friends). 
As a stylist for Please Don't Tell, I love leather jackets because you can use them as a way to tone down a really formal dress or skirt, or dress up the simplest look: A white t-shirt and a pair of jeans!
I know, leather jackets are a little more expensive than what we  are used to pay for on the age of fast fashion, but given that is such a classic, I'm really surprised and a bit saddened that so many of my customers don't own one or two!
Below, my 5 favorite ways to wear a leather jacket, I personally have only one leather, and 2 vegan, one in toffee and 2 in black. Of the black one is a classic blazer style fit, and the second is a rocker fit with lots of fake pins:
1. The classic way: Rocker Chic
Leather Jacket Rocker Style
You got edge but you don't drive a Harley, this look is for you. Rude, strong and a total bad ass! I personally love this leather jacket with pins, it adds a little humor to the rude girl style. Pair it with rocker boots, and a graphic tee. I love The Laundry Room "work for coffee tee" for the same reason I love the pins of the jacket, it adds a touch of fun to a look that can look gothic and a bit aggressive if done wrong. Jeans, shoes and jacket are my own, t-shirt is from Please Don't Tell.
2. The Romantic Way: Boho With A Touch Of Rock
Leather Jacket With Romantic
This is my favorite way to wear a leather jacket. Since I'm all for tulle and chiffon and anything romantic, but I can look a little crazy wearing any of the above before 12pm, I really love to tone down my party dress vibes with a leather jacket. It looks specially stylish when you add a blazer style leather jacket over a beige or off white flowy fabric piece. You can add the rocker boots for more edge, or keep it more feminine with booties like shown above. Stylist tip: make sure you have the right socks, nothing throws me off more than black booties that show a peek of a neon pair of socks. 
Shop this look: HERE and HERE
3. The "Pretty Woman Was Always Right" Way: Sexy Is Your Mojo
The Pretty Woman Way
I remember the first time I saw pretty woman, I thought her outfit was perfect! I never understood why the sales girl at the fancy store pushed her off! If sexy is your thing, then this look is for you. Mini denim skirt, a white tank and a leather jacket! Throw in a pair of converse to make it casually comfy. Don't do high heels with this look, but do super high knee boots to re-live pretty woman, I bet the Chanel sales girl won't think you can't afford their bags!
To shop for the skirt or top contact us directly:, only XS left. Leather Jacket: HERE
4. The New Classic: White Tee And A Fancy Bag
the classic way jacket
Is this the uniform of our generation? Boyfriend jeans, a pair of Adidas, our favorite TLroom tee and a pair of boyfriend jeans. This outfit screams cool girl comfort. The it bag is not a must, but does give this outfit a lot of edge and style.
5. The "I Work At A Cool Place" Way: Office Wear Re-defined
pecil skirt leather jacket
 This is the perfect cool girl goes to work outfit. A denim pencil skirt, paired with a stretch top with striped details, a pair of chunky (and very comfy) shoes and off course a leather jacket. Maybe she's not a banker, but she certainly works at a creative company. Want to make it more formal to work? Add a pair of classic pants and give them an edge with the jacket. Skirt Maison Scotch now sold out, Top available upon request:, Jacket HERE
Now there are no excuses! Get that leather jacket, the fashion possibilities are endless!