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5 Ways To Start Your Monday Happy
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For most people Mondays suck, but I've always seen them as a way to fresh start my plans... The perfect day to begin a workout plan, diet or any cool project. Mondays get a bad reputation when in reality they could be the most rewarding day of the week! Here are 5 ways to kick-start your Monday with the best positive attitude for a better week!
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1. Kick start your Monday with a killer workout. It might seem counter intuitive: Mondays you are really tired from the weekend, its hard to wake up, and you're probably dreading going back to work, but trust me, the best thing you can do is to wake up and fit a killer workout. Working out will put you instantly in a good mood and will set up your week for healthier habits! It doesn't have to be a crazy Instagram inspired work out, a simple walk through the neighborhood, or a workout at home which can be completed in the first 30 minutes of your day will completely change your week!
2. Meditation: It's no secret that meditation is essential for emotional health. Mental health is as important as your physical health, but we take it for granted and we rarely pay attention to it. I personally can't sit and meditate easily: everything starts to itch, my mind wanders and I get fidgety, that's why every Monday I take a guided meditation class for creativity or I do any of these two Youtube meditations: Loving Kindess meditation or my mother's blessing. Meditating helps me to be more kind towards others and myself, putting me instantly in a good mood.
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3. Be fashionable: You must dress up on a Monday. Studies have proven that when women put on makeup and dress up, within a week or so their self esteem improves, as well as their relationships with others. Dress up smart and comfortably on Mondays, or simply accessorize a boring look with an unexpected item. Im on the run all day, so I usually wear super comfy clothes (Jeans and a t-shirt) and simply tie a scarf around my neck. An accessory as simple as that can completely change your look from blah to wow in one second.
4. Feel good music: Skip your radio station and head to Spotify to discover some new and amazing music. I hate radio music, they repeat the same top of the charts pop songs and there's a lot of noise in their broadcasts. Whenever I'm listening to music I head to my Spotify and take a minute to browse some songs, or simply play one of my favorite playlists. Music is such a cheap and easy way to make your days happy! No time to browse? Head to our Spotify and follow our playlists, I personally love Cafe Lovers and Getaway.
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5. Create a list: One of the reasons people tend to hate Mondays is because Mondays are overwhelming: reading a thousand emails, work stress, everyone's on a rush, traffic, etc etc... But I have found that sitting for 5 minutes to organize my week, and writing down my plans and ideas really helps me work with the flow and reduce my stress. Want to take it up a notch? Make your lists pretty and special! Buy some cute pens, a nice notebook and take note!