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I'm so excited about our first designer feature here at Please Don't Tell. I have never been a big promoter of eco fashion or ethical fashion simply because I didn't understand a lot about it. The amount of information was overwhelming and sometimes even impossible to understand, but everything changed once I had my baby, Naomi. As Naomi started to become a little person of her own, I realized that I needed to make changes in our lifestyle, I had the responsibility to leave her a better, safer world. The first place I had to start was with her clothing. Carters is very cheap, and yes, absolutely convenient, however, most of their fabrics are dyed with polluting chemicals, and any cotton which is not organic is full of pesticides, which have been linked to cancers in cotton farmers. At that moment I started to question myself, do I really want Naomi to be exposed to these chemicals? Coincidentally I re-connected with Sophia, who I had met in London. Her baby clothes and illustrations left me breathless! I know many of you are moms, who just like me are looking for the best products out there for our children, this is why I'm sure you will LOVE her work. 
baby clothes Organic eco
Sophia's designs are made in Germany in an ethical way, this means they have not been produced in sweatshops. She hand-makes all of her designs at her Atelier. Additionally her products are made from organic cotton, with dyes that are very lasting and 100% biodegradable and free from toxic substances. 
Sophia Shneider Esleben
I asked her a little bit more from her inspiration and background, read her answers below. 
PDT: Where does your inspiration come from?
My inspirations come from my soul, love, fantasy, the beautiful details of my environment, nature, art and culture.
PDT: What moved you to create children's clothes?
I am inspired by the lightness, their imagination and their wondering spirit. These characteristics make me dream, making me translate those ideas into my work.
Sophia SE children clothing
PDT: Tell us about yourself and your company.
Designing and Illustrating is what I love the most. My Label is about slow fashion. My Collections are not about following trends all the time, they are about long-lasting fashion. I work sustainably and I only use organic fabrics.
PDT: When you are not designing, what do you do?
I love traveling and learning about different cultures and places. also savor going to concept cafés and let my creative mind flow. I also enjoy exploring inside my soul (never without my sketch book). I also love doing store checks (store checks is a German concept, where people visit different stores with interesting architecture or concepts)
sophia schneider illustration
PDT: What is it like to be an Entrepreneur in Europe?
Europe is very creative and innovative. As an entrepreneur I can work with many creative minds nationally and internationally. It's fun to push and support each other. There are great people out there with a lot of potential.
PDT: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
I would love to have my own concept store, and have it become more than a shopping experience, a place to meet other people and cultures. I also want to conduct more lectures about trends in children’s fashion on various trade shows. And of course having my own family, children, animals and a house in the country-side.
PDT: Tell us about your favorite product:
The most beautiful works are my abstract romantic animal illustrations. The idea came after I got an order for a gala collection. I had to draw something completely new, something that does not have necessarily something to do with fashion. And they opened my heart and new clients.
Hope you love this new designer and her beautiful work! We are so happy to have her on board, for us, and for the little ones! You can shop her work HERE.