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Featured Blogger: The Fashion Poet
If you follow me on social media you know that I made an announcement recently: We are making big changes in the way we do business. I have always loved fashion but secretly I knew that there are things about the business that are fundamentally wrong, and that we, as fashionistas, simply ignore. One of those things is using underage models that are extremely skinny, simply because we claim that clothes look better on them. This is a lie, clothes look great on anyone that has styling capabilities, no need to be small, big, tall or short...
Yesterday, while having lunch with some friends, one of them expressed her frustration when shopping online: "everything looks amazing on a model, but when trying on the clothes the experience is different, and usually not a very happy one". Shopping online should be about convenience and that includes the convenience to not having to return what you buy. We expect that by seeing the product on a body that looks real, approachable and relatable you will be able to easily picture the clothes on your own body.
This is why, in an effort to be more socially responsible, to inspire you to love your own body, and to have a seamless shopping experience, we want to announce that we will be shooting all clothes on women who have different body shapes. The industry calls them "real bodies" but we can't use that term because all bodies, even models, and plus sizes, are real...
annie vazquez the fashion poet christmas lookbook by simply lively please dont tell
Our first "model" is The Fashion Poet, Annie Vazquez. We chose Annie, not only for her beauty and success, but also because she is a big promoter of self-love, and accepting ourselves just the way we are. We had the opportunity to ask Annie a little about herself on a mini interview. Be prepared to be inspired:
Annie Vasquez The Fashion Poet Please Don't Tell Simply Lively Photo Shoot Christmas Lookbook
PDT: The Fashion Poet is considered an established Miami Blog, and one of the most influential ones in the city, what was a breaking point between your blogging and becoming a professional blogger?
A: I decided 5 years ago to take a big risk and pursue blogging full-time. I quit my full-time job. A few months after that decision, I landed my first campaign with Coach which earned me 5 months pay of my original job. I'm glad I listened to my heart and not anyone else. 
christmas photo shoot by please dont tell and simply lively
PDT: What is the best part about being a blogger?
A: Well, I always wanted my own business and the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere in the world so I'd say all of the above.
annie vazquez the fashion poet chsitmas dark shoot
PDT: How would you define your style?
A: A bit eclectic and moody. 

annie vazquez the fashion poet collaboration with please dont tell
PDT: You are promoter of "self-love" what drove you to inspire young people to love their bodies as they are?
A: Growing up was hard. I was always told I'd be prettier if I lost weight. When I lost weight, I was told I looked too skinny. It was always the feeling that I wasn't good enough and I believed it. A few weeks before my grandma passed, I went to visit her and saw this strong Cuban woman whittle down to bones. Her body was transforming into nothingness, but she was still this ray of light and it opened my eyes that we place too much emphasis on the body and doing plastic surgery instead of working on our true selves and just being. A lot of people have told me I'm brave to stand in a swimsuit, but I don't think so. I'm just being human and that means accepting ourselves and the imperfections. 

web fashion look christmas
PDT: Give 3 tips to women who have body issues: 
Tip 1 Gratitude: Practice gratitude every morning for every inch of you. Maybe say: I am grateful for being alive and for being perfectly imperfect. This is the way I was created and I embrace it. 
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Tip 2 Acceptance: Accept your curves, your cellulite, your crooked nose, your big feet, your small lips, your skinny body, your short legs, your big butt. Whatever it is your perfect because this is how you were born. We are all unique beings. 
checkered red dress
Tip 3 Learn: What silhouettes and colors work good on your body and skin? Learn what flatters you and you'll see that your body is beautiful just the way it is and believe me others will notice even more. 
checkered christmas dress with bow belt
PDT: What is your favorite PDT piece?
My favorite PDT piece is the one that makes me feel a absolutely feminine and glamorous while evoking a bit of yesterday's charm with details. I love the A-line black dress with the open back with the giant bow to the tiny antique gold pins to dress up a collar. PDT really represents elegance and the joy of dressing which is why I've always loved it.

annie vazquez wearing darling chistmas lookbook please dont tell
PDT: What does the future hold for The Fashion Poet?
Well, 2016 will be a year of fun project launches that have been in the works this year. I'm finishing my first style book now, I will be relaunching the accessory line with some other amazing pieces, working on my first apartment in NYC and a lot more traveling a lot overseas for work. will also be getting a face-lift and I'll still be writing for which is a New York based awesome site for Latinas which I am a founding creator of. I'm really excited.
backless back dress darling
This photo shoot was possible thanks to these talented women:
Styling: Carolina Benoit
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