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PDT Girl Crush / Petite Edition: Loud///Tasteless
When I decided to make the change from mannequins and models to "real women" at Please Don't Tell, I never imagined I would be so touched by all of these women's stories. I thought the change would be a fun way to style different body types and show my customers what pieces would look great on their bodies, but I have already been completely changed, and deeply moved.
black maxi skirt modest
Today's feature is meant to inspire you for New Year's looks, but I think this will move you beyond clothes! Meet Marivette from Loud///tasteless, a gorgeous Miami blogger with a really cool and modern style. She's also a petite girl who really knows how to dress her body. Let's just say that the girl has style, but she also has a lot to offer: she's a survivor of body shaming and bullying, and I hope that by sharing her story, we can inspire and help women in a similar situation to be strong and stand up and be proud and respectful to their bodies. While reading some of her responses I was emotional and really inspired to continue to share and promote the idea of "real women" curves, no curves, tall, short, skinny... Different! Read below her interview:
black maxi skirt
PDT: Tell us a little bit about yourself:
It's funny how at twenty-six I still have a hard time figuring out how to answer this question. I guess that's because I find myself constantly finding out a little bit more of myself. Anyway, here's what I do know: My name is Marivette and I blog for a Miami based site by the name of LOUD///TASTELESS. Music is my first love. I am obsessed with the movies and I watch way too
much television
sequined pants
sequined pants

PDT: In your blog, you talk about feeling insecure in your own body, could you tell us a little 
bit about those feelings?
I'm 5'1 (or at least I tell myself). I'm a 00 in bottoms, XXS small in tops, flat-chested, chicken legs... So, I'm quite petite. When I was younger I would get made fun of and bullied because of my small frame. I would get called names like: surfboard and sheet of paper. There was always the joke: What's the weather like down there? and also being thrown in a trash can... Rather than sticking up for myself I would let it happen or even join them in making fun of myself. I thought: "if you can't beat them join them." What I didn't realize is that in joining them I harmed myself more. Eventually I started to see myself the way others saw me. Throw in there exes telling you that they don't find you physically attractive and I couldn't help but feel insecure about my body and myself.
 sequined pants
PDT: How has the blog helped you to become a better person?
A blog requires you to put yourself out there. You photograph yourself and share your tastes, and a little bit of your life. This sharing has helped me become a lot more confident in myself. I've learned to stand up for what I believe in. I've become more secure of who I am, what I like, where I want to go. I'm nowhere near as disrespectful to my body as I once was. I appreciate it and am learning how to flaunt it. I know it's nowhere near saving the world, but if we all learn to love ourselves and the body we inhabit, the world could be a better place.
Lace Dress
lace for love and lemons dress

PDT: What are some common misconceptions about being petite?

Most people don't realize that petite gals have their own set of body issues. Sometimes, It becomes difficult to discuss our body out loud because society inadvertently makes you feel like you're not allowed to. "You're small and skinny so you don't have any problems," they would say. But I do. They're just different. For example, it actually isn't easy to find actual clothing that fits. Tops are always too big, bottoms are always either too long or too wide, sexy lingerie or swimsuits are nonexistent, and they rarely have shoes in our sizes. A tailor and safety pins are our best friends.
lace for love and lemons dress
PDT: Do you think the media influences the way we feel about our body? and if so, how can we change that?
Definitely! There are too many media outlets where women are being dissected and ridiculed for their appearance, and where our bodies are being defined or designed to fit a certain mold. As a woman, and a Latina, our bodies are constantly being defined as "real women are those that have curves." And since my body is the exact opposite, that kind of talk would make me feel less of a woman. There are not enough messages celebrating all the shapes and sizes our bodies come in. I think that in order to change that, we need to individually learn to stop comparing ourselves to what we see in the media because almost none of it is real.  At the same time, the media should quit trying to label or define what a real woman looks like as we would feel less compelled to compare. I think that if we (women) work on encouraging, supporting, and embracing one another rather than criticizing and labeling each other we can begin to change the way we all see ourselves.
sequined jacket
new years photoshoot
PDT: What is the piece you would recommend the most from our store for a petite woman? Your favorite piece?
Petite women also come in different shapes and sizes, so it is important to know your figure type as this would make it easier to identify what will fit best. Please Don't Tell has a great selection of bottoms for petite women (like the Metallic Black Drawstring Shorts). These type of styles are perfect as they sit just at the waist and elongate the legs. My favorite pieces are: the Sequined Gold Pants and the Coachella Lace See Through Maxi Dress. Both pieces are fun, flirty, and make a statement which are the embodiment of Please Don't Tell!

sequined bolero jacket
PDT: Give a piece of advice to help women overcome insecurity:
Change your attitude in regards to your body and ideal beauty. Accept and love your body unconditionally. Look at your body in the mirror, find what you love about it as well as your imperfections. Realize that all of it is what makes you unique and beautiful, and that this is what a real woman looks like. 
the laundry room beyonce t shirt
PDT: What does the future hold for Loud And Tasteless?
I'm looking forward to 2016! I've got a couple of major projects that I'm currently working on and can't wait to share! One of which is a fun collaboration with the Cosmopolitan family. The blog will be expanded to include more lifestyle and music related posts as well as collaborations with other bloggers!
beyonce t shirt new years
PDT: And BTW, where did the name come from? :)
Haha! When coming up with the name I was looking for a title that would convey my belief that fashion is a form of self-expression and that we should be able to wear whatever we want as long as we feel confident. I was listening to a Kanye West's song and in one of the verses there's a line that goes, "I'm just young, rich, and tasteless," which I misheard as, "...loud, rich, and tasteless." I loved how the words "loud and tasteless" sounded together and thought that it perfectly captured the spirit of what I wanted the blog to be: a place for me to freely express my personal style even if it is loud and tasteless!
This photo-shoot was made possible thanks to:
Yesica Flores: Simply Lively
Marivette from Loud///tasteless