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Our Brands Are Responding:
When I decided Please Don't Tell will turn into an ethical shop by the end of 2016 I was a little scared. So many brands that I loved, and I had no idea how they were manufactured, or by what standards. One of my favorite brands, Darling, was one of my main concerns because it is made in China. After questioning them on their standards and manufacturing, I'm happy to announce that their brand is ethically made.
Below you can read the response by DARLING CUSTOMER CARE:
Dress by darling sold at please don't tell, modeled by the fashion poet, photo by simply lively.
Dear Carolina,

Thank you for contacting Darling Customer Care. Our Clothes are manufactured outside of the UK. Please see below our ethical code of coduct:

Darling London will always ensure that the working environment and conditions in which our products are manufactured are of a high standard. We work with a trusted network of factories and suppliers all of whom committed to looking after their employees. We will always promise that our suppliers will ensure that employment is freely chosen, that employees have the right to join or form trade unions and that working conditions are safe and hygienic. We also ensure that working hours are not excessive and that wages meet the national legal standards. Child labour will never be used.

Darling London is committed to these standards, fully understanding the energetic impact of our ethical code of conduct.

Apologies for the delay in our response.

Kind Regards,

Darling Customer Care