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Please Don't Tell Turns 3!
I can't believe Please Don't Tell is turning 3 years this week! Time flew by with so many challenges and special moments! This year is extra special (and we'll be making a big announcement by the end of the week).
please don't tell b day cake
To me there was never an option, I knew I had to have my own business, I knew that it was really hard for me to work for other people, it was also hard to follow directions and have a schedule. I knew I loved to sell, and I thought I loved designing, I gave designing my all, but slowly realized that I needed to make money, and that it was impossible with the rise of fast fashion to open a competitive brand. That's when I decided that it was better for me to sell clothing, rather than make it. I had a specific idea for Please Don't Tell, I wanted the clothing to express sophistication, fun and edge. And I believe that slowly we have accomplished that "cool girl" vibe!
Fast forward 3 years, and we are still here bringing you the best curated selection of brands! Free styling, free shipping and hassle free returns! I really wish to continue creating a company that inspires others and that more than a boutique can offer you expert styling advice at no additional cost!
Today we are starting the party with the code: BDAYGIRLTOPS for a 30% off on all tops! Enjoy girls!!!
Ps. Stay tuned we'll be writing funny facts, stories and more about Please Don't Tell during this week, and don't miss our special announcement on Friday!
Thank you for your support during all these years!