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UPS: Unique Personal Style
Moon River Striped Off The Shoulder Midi Dress
The last few years were tough on my personal style: First I gained weight and then I became pregnant, had my baby, motherhood, then another baby... anyways it took me a while to reclaim my style! Here are some tips for reset, refresh and restart your UPS. 
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1. Start with your capsule wardrobe: The best way to find your personal style is to create a capsule wardrobe of basics: t-shirts, jeans, essentials... With those basic pieces you can jumpstart your new closet and build it from the bottom up. Invest in those pieces. (Stay tuned, we'll be hosting a live webinar and a course that teaches you to create a capsule wardrobe!)
moon river maxi dress off the shoulder
2. Don't be afraid to try new things: I realized all of my closet was black and white, which is great, but really fashionable people wear colors, combine colors and bold prints, they are not afraid, they simply go with the flow of what they love. Never be afraid of colors, prints or trying a new silhouette, you might surprise yourself, a color or shape or style that you don't usually wear might look great on you, and become your new favorite piece!
moon river off the shoulder dress
striped off the shoulder midi dress
3. Find your staple pieces: You know how Grace Coddington wears her hair in the most unflattering/flattering way but it's still so her? Style should be personal and that's whar makes it looks iconic. Find something that you can claim like Grace claimed red frizzy hair! I personally love red lips, and funky pieces. Fall in love with every piece, and channel your personality through them.
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4. Stay on top of trends, but don't be consumed by them. If you are the first to jump in towards fluffy slippers simply because they are being seen everywhere, stop that. In order to be fashionable you have to stay on top of trends, but choose wisely and carefully what you truly love. 
española way miami espanola way
5. Collect, don't buy: My mantra is collect pieces that you truly love, that mean something to you, and shop wisely so that you end up with pieces that you feel excited to wear each morning. The more pieces you truly love, the more your style will evolve. 
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Remember, UPS: Unique personal style is completely different to personal style. Need help finding your own? Email me: and book your FREE personal styling appointment at the boutique or online!