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We have put together a team of talented, in-the-known stylist armed with a deep knowledge of how to build up a stylish wardrobe that fits your needs. From finding out which styles work best for you, to wanting help for a specific occasion, we can put together the perfect looks!
Types of appointments:
- Quick consultation: Need some quick tips or help with a new trend? We'll get you in half an hour.
- Trend Update:
As stylists we get to see and adopt the trends earlier than most people, let us guide you to become an insider. Trusts us to keep you ahead of the curve, or find under the radar styles.
- Style Re-vamp:
Looking for a head to toe re-vamp? Wondering if a certain style is right for you, or what to wear and how to wear it? Our stylists are total pros! Ready with everything from the season's key pieces to tips on mixing,matching and more!
- The personal touch package: 
Don't see what you need? Let us take care of all your styling needs, simply book an appointment and we will offer a more personal experience.
Is the program free?
Yes! Our stylist program is completely free! No minimum purchase, no fees. Simply book and let us guide you though your new style dreams! 
Do you have more in dept consultations?
Yes! We offer a more in dept consultation where we visit your closet, and go shopping with you, the in dept consultations range from $130 to $400. We recommend these for groups, weddings, or specific needs. 
Can you see me after hours?
Yes! If you can't make it during regular business hours, simply book an appointment at your convenience after 6:00pm.
What happens after I book?
After your appointment's booked, one of our pros will get in touch with you to learn more about your style, budget and goals.
And Then...
When your appointment day arrives, expect to find a dressing room filled with options chosen just for you. It's your Personal Stylist's job to offer suggestions and honest advice based on your initial consult. All we ask of you is that you are open to a completely new experience! 
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Meet our stylists:
Carolina Benoit:
Carolina is the owner and creator of Please Don't Tell. Her style is whimsical, edgy and ultra feminine. There is nothing that scares her fashion wise, and her mantra is recreating high fashion styles with a not so high budget, mixing high and low and mixing masculine pieces with super romantic feminine styles. Carolina has over 10 years experience in the fashion industry, and aims to bring her creativity to all her hand-chosen pieces at the store.
personal stylist Carolina Benoit Miami Owner of Please Don't tell shop
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